The Blizzard Athletes
Thibaud Duchosal



Born: 30 August 1983
Address: Arc 1950
Nation: FRA
Disciplines: Big Mountain Skiing
With Blizzard since: 2011
Hobbies: Sport, Cinema
Best spot: Les Arcs (France) and Caucasus in Russia
Official Facebook page:

Why do you ride on Blizzard skis?

Blizzard and Tecnica has always made some good products… They are developing a new line since 2 years and it’s important as an athlete to take part to this kind of project. It’s always great to be part of a new adventure!

What was your greatest success on Blizzard skis?

One of my greatest successes on Blizzard/Tecnica is the project Eye of the Storm! It’s a video series talking about big mountain skiing… and you can watch chapters on my website!

5th Nendaz Freeride (SUI) 11
5th Roldal Freeride Challenge (NOR) 11
3rd Engadin Snow (SUI) 10
3rd Nissan Russian Adventure (RUS) 09
5th Nissan Freeride Tignes (Frau) 09
3rd Freeride World Qualifying Tour 08
5th Roldal Freeride Challenge (NOR) 08
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