Magnum 7.7 Ti S IQ
Longueurs 153 / 160 / 167 / 174
Coupe latérale 123 / 77 / 105 mm - Radius 17,0 m (167 cm)
Construction Sandwich Composite Titanium - Wood, Titanium
Technologie IQ System, Suspension, Spaceframe 3D, Sidewall
Cambrure Tip&Tail Rocker
The well known Magnum series will get extended in the season 2013/14. With 77 mm under the foot, Tip- & Tailrocker, IQ-System and the active Suspension-Damping technology this austrian ski orders everything for the Allround-User. Sportive carving will be as good as floating through fresh snow-covered slopes. Thanks to the Titanium construction this ski stays stable in all conditions.
Power 11
Din: 3.0 - 11.0
Farben: Schwarz- Weiß- Grün
A company of the tecnica group