Viva 7.7 Ti S IQ
Longueurs 146 / 153 / 160 / 167
Coupe latérale 121 / 77 / 103 mm - Radius 16,0 m (160 cm)
Construction Sandwich Composite Titanium - Wood, Titanium
Technologie IQ System, Suspension, Spaceframe 3D, Sidewall
Cambrure Tip&Tail Rocker
With the Viva 7.7 Ti S Blizzard delivers ah truly High Performance Fun-Machine for the ambitious ladies. The same strong technology features as the men version of the Power line are responsible for the high-sportive and in the same way playful handling. Suspension damping, 3D Tip & Tailrocker in combination with IQ inject sportive genes into this ski. Ladies who allow full bent and want to enjoy the centrifugal force in every turn will love this Blizzard ski.
Viva Power 11

Couleurs: Noir-Blanc-Chrome
Din: 3.0 - 11.0
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