Wednesday 05. March 2014

The Fast and the Furious

Blizzard & Tecnica did always produce extremely fast equipment. Now, our Free Mountain girl Geli Kaufmann (AUT) proved, that not only our racing gear is the fastest, but also our free mountain line. Geli won the famous and challenging @Pitztal Wild Face! 

Wanna know some facts about the competition? 1 freeride run top to bottom of the Mittagskogel (Pitztal) with 4,6 kilometer distance and 1.510 meter vertical drop. Non-stop. As fast as possible. Sounds hard? Hell yeah, it is! But Geli is one of the toughest girls on this planet and knows how to ski fast. That´s why she dominated the competition and won with a total time of 8:41,65 min – 1:55 min (!!!) in front of the second ranked Lisa Brecker (GER). 

Funny fact: Geli explained after the race in an interview, that conditions in the top sections have been good, but due to bad lights and snow in the main couloir, she decided "to ski not at full speed to reduce the risk". Holy, how fast would she have been in better snow & weather conditions?

Funny fact 2: Geli won on her new Blizzard Gunsmoke. But she had her brand new Blizzard Spur with her as well and gave him to the Pitztal local hero Frederick Eiter for the comp. And what happened? Of course, Frederick won the men´s competition. Two Blizzard Free Mountain skis on top of the podium! Any questions?


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