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Free mountain line has new bulls in its pen

Blizzard has developed its successful Flip Core 3D Technology even further and is bringing an additional four new models to its Free Mountain Line

The new Free Mountain Line from Blizzard was presented to the public for the first time last season, and quickly became an enormous success.  Blizzard’s Cochise was awarded the European Ski Award (“ISPO-Award”) for its highly innovative Flip Core Technology in the category of ‘Hardware Ski.’ Its superior handling, impressively smooth ride and high level of stability convinced the expert jury to award it “Ski of the Year 2011-12.” For the upcoming 2012-13 season Blizzard has improved upon this technology to raise its performance level even higher.   

Blizzard has developed its Flip Core 3D Technology in close connection with the Blizzard Free Mountain Team built around Freeride World Tour rider Björn Heregger. In the construction process, each component is placed into a 3D form and pressed together, so that from the very beginning the desired rocker form is achieved. A clever feature: the   3D wood core – made from lightweight, durable bamboo or ultra-light wood – is inserted upside-down or “flipped.”  The downward-facing, convex side of the core therefore naturally creates a curve. The result is a native rocker shape, not un-necessarily bent or artificially formed while being pressed, which considerably increases the ski’s stability. And that is noticeable in the ride: the new Free Mountain models are characterized by effortless handling, stability at high speeds, incredibly-strong edge grip and easy maneuverability.

The Free Mountain Line has been expanded again for 2012-13 with four new models. The lightweight Kabookie appeals especially to the touring-oriented Freerider, who doesn’t want to do without a wide, freeride ski and all of its performance-advantages. The Samba is its corresponding feminine counterpart. Especially designed to meet the needs of demanding freeriders, the Samba is almost impossible to beat when it comes to versatility.  
Highlights of the 2012-13 Free Mountain Line


Lightweight Powerhouse
The new bull in the Blizzard herd is named Kabookie. Thanks to a strict diet, it weighs 20% less than its other touring-oriented freeride brothers. With a fighting weight of 1,800 grams, it presents itself as a versatile, all-round talent.  Technical tree runs, big turns in wide open terrain, or relaxed cruising in powder or on groomed slopes, Kabookie is a dependable partner in every snow condition. Its lighter weight makes itself especially noticeable going uphill. Downhill, it impresses with its balanced, playful handling and moderate flex. Thanks to a 98 mm waist and Flip Core 3D Natural Rocker, it generates plenty of float, allowing it to effortlessly tackle even the most difficult terrain. The flipped wood core provides increased stability and improved edge-grip on hard undersurfaces. The ultimate fun-machine for freeriders who aren’t afraid of prolonged tours: uphill fast, downhill even faster.    

Model: Kabookie
Price: 549.90 Euros
Construction: Sandwich Sidewall Quadrax
Technology: Flip Core 3D, Sidewall, Wood Core, Bamboo, Double Quadrax
Lengths: 166, 173, 180, 187 cm
Sidecut: 133/98/118 - R 21.0 m (180 cm)

Extraneous pounds are taboo. This is also true for the new Samba from Blizzard’s Free Mountain Line. As a versatile freerider for women, it’s good for every kind of fun, from prolonged powder runs, backcountry tours to cruising on groomers. Thanks to its 98mm waist, Flip Core 3D technology and natural Rocker Shape, it has plenty of float and playful handling. The softer tuning and easy-turning properties save energy, so that at the end of even the longest powder days your legs are not exhausted.

Model: Samba
Price: 499.90 Euro
Construction: Sandwich Sidewall Quadrax
Technology: Flip Core, Sidewall, Wood Core, Bamboo, Double Quadrax
Lengths: 159, 166, 173
Sidecut: 131/98/116 R 20.0 m (173 cm)

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