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Fresh wind in the area of all mountain skiing

Blizzard improves its Magnum line. With Flip Core 3D and Space Frame 3D, the all-rounder benefits from two new technological advances.

Although all-mountain skis have long been a must-have in the USA, in Europe they are still up-and-coming. Models with an 80 millimeter waist and wider are perfectly suited for an extremely wide area of use. Performing equally-well on hardpack, crud or fresh powder, they attract all-round skiers who only want to pack one pair of skis. Blizzard has especially targeted this group for the 2012-13 season in completely redeveloping its Magnum line.    

Better performance and less weight with Spaceframe 3D
The R&D department in the ski competence center in Mittersill has proven its innovative ability once again, with the development of Spaceframe 3D Technology. Working according to the motto: “As much as necessary, as little as necessary,” engineers – in coordination with product manager Andreas Allmann – have developed an incredibly stable frame which lends stability exactly where it is needed. A titanium belt runs from the top to the bottom, with recesses cut out of tip and the tail. This saves unnecessary weight while simultaneously increasing the overall stability of the ski, just like scaffolding. The ski’s torsional rigidity is therefore increased and its handling optimized. With 25% less swing-weight, this construction-procedure allows for playfully-easy turn initiation and energy-saving skiing. Increased edge grip along the edge of the binding and at the flex zones at the skis’ ends creates optimal tuning.        

Flip Core 3D for the first time in all-mountain models
The successful Flip Core 3D technology has been adapted and improved for the Magnum line. The wood core of the ski is inserted upside-down, and the convex, downward-facing side creates a natural curve. All of the ski’s components are inserted into a 3-D mold, so that they are already in the desired tip and tail rocker shape when assembled. The final product does not need to be unnaturally pressed, which provides the ski with considerably higher stability. The tip-fluttering commonly found in rocker skis is thereby eliminated, and the skis ride on rails.    
M-Power 8.5 Full Suspension

The new all-rounder.
The new M-Power combines the entire ski-building know-how of Blizzard’s development team. Two back-to-back European Ski Awards speak both loudly and clearly. Both award-winning technological advances, Full Suspension and Flip Core 3D, are combined for the first time in one model and then combined with Spaceframe 3D, the newest innovation to come out of the house of Blizzard. The result is a pair of high-performance skis that take the all-mountain category to a new level. In the morning high-speed turns on freshly groomed slopes, at noontime a short stint in fresh powder, in the afternoon a tough mogul run and afterwards cruising confidently through slush to the valley floor – M Power dominates every snow condition. The combination of Flip Core 3D and Spaceframe 3D with a tip & tail rocker make for easy, energy-saving handling. 25% less swing-weight allows super-easy turning. The Full Suspension system provides smoothness and agility. The rocker construction complements its easy turn-initiation by providing float in powder. And if you apply its edges,  M-Power shows its teeth, biting uncompromisingly into the hardest surfaces.    

Model: M-Power 8.5 Full Suspension
Price: 1.149,90 Euros
Construction: Sandwich Sidewall Titanium
Technology: Full Suspension, Spaceframe 3D, Flip Core 3D, Sidewall, Titanium, Carbon, Tip & Tail Rocker
Lengths: 167, 174, 181
Sidecut: 125/85/111 - R 19.0 m (174 cm)
Bindings: Power 14

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