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More power through suspension

Blizzard continues to focus on superior performance with integrated shock absorption and its IQ System. This proven technology will be available in further models for 2012-13.

Skis with integrated shock absorbers: a concept Blizzard’s development team has borrowed from the automotive industry. The most important factor for the overall ride in a sports’ car is, besides the engine, the shock absorption. This is what decides between a deep, lush turning-experience and a jolty, rocky ride. The same is true of high-performance skis. Smoothness at high speeds, razor-sharp edge grip and maximum agility are what distinguish good skis. Blizzard has raised these criteria to a new level with suspension technology. With its 2012-13 collection this innovative technology will be available in further models.    

Ten times more effective vibration-reduction than in normal skis   
Integrated into the proven IQ Binding System, suspension technology “made in Austria” provides more fun, security and control for the skier. These skis’ research data impressively document this innovation. The shock absorbers facilitate vibration-reduction by a factor of ten when compared to normal skis without suspension technology. This makes the skis more controllable at high speeds. The full-suspension version with Power Boosters additionally creates greater dynamism, more-precise handling and more than 30% greater rebound. Power is transmitted through additional suspension rods (Power Boosters) from tip to tail into the bindings and their integrated shock absorbers. Thanks to the unity with the IQ binding system, these boosters double the stability compared to previous binding systems. Thus, an ideal relationship between absorption and liveliness is obtained. Blizzard’s proven IQ System, in which the bindings are integrated into the skis, improves the skis’ power transmission and flex simultaneously.
Highlight Suspension 2012-13

Blizzard is expanding its suspension line for the 2012-13 season. From racing to high-performance, all-mountain to comfort, this new technology is available in a variety of models, covering every area of application. A completely new development is a suspension system for the high-end segment, coming to sport’s retailers in the WRC Race Suspension model.

WRC Race Suspension
Blizzard’s WRC Race Suspension is a completely new advancement from the research and development department of the Austrian ski manufacturer in Mittersill. It exclusively targets highly-athletic skiers looking for genuine racing skis to use on their daily ski runs. With tight tuning and a 20 meter radius, the WRC is uncompromisingly fast. The suspension system with integrated shock absorbers guarantees a smooth ride. Even at high speeds these skis hug the slopes, and also boast phenomenal edge grip on ice. Titanium supports make them true power skis. Maximal torsional rigidity and explosive rebound will warm the hearts of all racers. Definitely not for amateurs!   

Model: WRC Race Suspension
Price: 849.90 Euros
Construction: Sandwich Sidewall Titanium
Technology: Suspension, Sidewall, Tip Protector, Wood Core, Magnesium, Titanium
Lengths: 172, 176, 182, 186
Waist: 115/71/100 - R 20m (182 cm)
Binding: Power 14, Power 12

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