Magnum 8.0 CA S
Lengths 158 / 165 / 172 / 179
Sidecut 122 / 80 / 107 mm - Radius 17,0 m (172 cm)
Construction Sandwich Sidewall Double Quadrax - Wood, Quadrax, Carbon
Technology Suspension, Flip Core 3D, Spaceframe 3D, Sidewall
Camber Tip&Tail Rocker
Floating turns every time, thanks to the new Spaceframe 3D and carbon construction. The Flip Core 3D Rocker design also helps you glide effortlessly over off-piste terrain. The perfect combination of versatility and performance makes this ski the ideal partner in all situations.
Power 11
Din: 3.0 - 11.0
Farben: Schwarz- Weiß- Grün
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