Flip Core 3D
Revolutionary Rocker Technologie

The Blizzard answer to all the rocker buzz is the new Flip Core 3D technology. The idea: the wood core of the ski is inserted upside-down, so that the downward-facing, convex side of the core creates a natural bend. This natural rocker-shape is already built into the construction of the ski, not needing any additional re-pressing. A revolutionary construction-technique, which is equally as individual as the target groups it speaks to.

The unique FLIP CORE 3D from Blizzard

The flipped 3D woodcore technology combined with the natural 3D mould construction brings up an absolutly natural Rocker Geometry without any disturbing and negative bending during the molding process.

This allows the rocker construction to reach a previously unknown level of stability and smoothness!


  • Exact matching core (NO pressure needed)
  • Harmonic pressure distribution
  • Natural flexcurve
Flip Core 3D
Step 1: All parts are matching exactly into the mould. The 3D woodcore is flipped upside down.
Step 2: The mould get’s closed and the ski will be pressed. Not any part of the construction will be stressed or bended unnaturally.
Step 3: The diagram shows the perfect pressure distribution of the whole ski.
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