IQ Systems
The only true fusion of skibody & binding element

IQ is a system that uses a track molded into the ski during manufacturing process. It is the only true fusion of skibody & binding-element. The natural performance & flex of the ski is not influenced by any mounting, drilling, screwing or glueing of seperate interfaces, elements or the binding it self.

It is a strong merging system that doesn‘t impede ski flex and also allows quick & easy mounting of the binding.

IQ System Benefits

Free Flex Curve

  • Constant edge grip
  • Perfect control
  • Lively, snappy ski performance

Direct Power Transmission

  • Highest carving performance
  • Stabile edge grip
  • Less fatigue

Light Weight Construction

  • Better swing weight
  • Less fatigue
  • Easy to carry

IQ System Construction

The binding-merger is fully integrated into the core of the ski
A company of the tecnica group