czwartek 17. styczeń 2013


The Blizzard & Tecnica Free Mountain team is looking for talents! Therefore, the Freemountain crew around team manager Christian Leischner is organizing a video competition. The Mission: Finding YOU!

You are a passionate freerider, are in every spare moment on the mountain in search of new lines and have a talent to film your riding and to make cool little edits? Then you are at right place!

Create a 2 minutes video out of your best Freeride Shots . You put that under the titel  "Blizzard & Tecnica SEND IT - Your Name" on YouTube online and send us a link to Our Free Mountain team will select a lucky winner out of the best entries.


The jury's criteria for the submitted videos are:

- Riding Skill

- Rider Personality

- Control / Safety / No needless risks (No Jackass Vids!)

- creativity

- Artistic implementation


If you are at least 18 years old and your residence is in Europe, send us your video! Deadline is parallel to the final of the Freeride World Tour on 23 March 2013.


The winner is invited by our Free Mountain Team  to an unforgettable trip with a professional film shoot a Top Freeride spot in the Alps . Christian Leishner and the B&T Freemountain crew will  take you for  three days riding and you will be a part of the Blizzard & Tecnica Team Videos.

In order to  have the right equipment ,  Blizzard and Tecnica will equip you with brand new top material skis and skiboots.


You can watch all posted Vids from February 2013 onwards on our Facebook page. Of course you can positively influence the jury with tons of Likes  upon your video.


So you grab your skis and your camera, go out on the mountain and shoot your best lines. We are looking  forward to your videos!

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