poniedziałek 16. grudzień 2013


We´re proud to announce, that our Blizzard & Tecnica routinier Mario Matt won the slalom of Val d´Isere. The 34-year-old Austrian scored with two fast and ambitious runs the top of the podium. With his victory, he´s the oldest racer ever winning a slalom in FIS history. 0,53 seconds in front of the second ranked Matthias Hargin, Mario is the undoubted winner with an convincing performance.

After nearly 14 years after his first World Cup victory, Mario is still in unparalleled condition. Together with Blizzard and Tecnica, he was able to develop an even better set-up for the current season. After his second rank in Levy, he was able to climb the top of the podium now in Val d´Isere. The man-of-the-day commented his triumph: "I´m more than happy about winning here. That makes me really proud. In the past, i was always close to the top, but made some unnecessary mistakes. Now everything was running really good, especially the first run." Leading with 0,80 seconds after the first, Mario had a solid advance for the second run and managed to bring it down fast as well.

With 39 races finished on the podium, Mario sets a new record in the Austrian ski team. Matt explains his success with his hard work and the precise preparation of every single season. "And, of course, without a perfect seet-up, those victories won´t be possible. So thank´s a lot to my sponsors Blizzard and Tecnica, providing me with the best possible racing gear at every single race."

Congratulations, Mario, we´re proud to have you in our team!

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