The Blizzard Athletes
Christian Leischner


Born: 5 March 1982
Address: Cortina D’Ampezzo
Nation: Italy
Disciplines: Freeride
With Blizzard since: 2010
Hobbies: surfing, traveling, Mountain biking, Slackline, music and staying with my friends
Best spot: Dolomites

Why do you ride on Blizzard skis?

For me it is very, very important to have a good feeling with the products on my feet, Blizzard and Tecnica allow me the best performance and great fun actions during the whole winter. No matter which snow condition there are, these products are the best on every trace. They entertain me, no matter if I do runs in the tree spots, on a plateau or if I take a descent through a couloir. These brands give me the best confidence ever and I experience every winter as the best winter!

What was your greatest success on Blizzard skis?

They give me the opportunity to push myself more and more and getting to my limits but I always feel safety with their products. For me personally these brands offer me every year positivism and enthusiasm.

2nd Italian Freeride Experience Emotion 09
3rd Coumayer Free Snow Motion 09
9th Freeride World Wualifier Tour Slovkia 10
3rd Italian Freeride Experience Emotion "Punta Nera Challenge" 10
1st Italian Freeride Experience Emotion a Montegenèvre (FRA) 10
2nd Final Italian Freeride Experience Emotion 10
2nd Italian Freeride Experience Emotion a Moena (ITA) 11
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